Welcome to Joke Sphere! (BETA)

Fun, family-friendly, user-contributed jokes and one-liners direct to your Twitter stream.... for FREE!

How it Works

  1. Somebody (eg. you!) adds a short, funny, clean joke/one-liner to this web site
  2. Other people see your joke on this web site and find it absolutely hilarious, so they rate it as funny and family-friendly
  3. Once the joke's got enough* positive ratings, we automatically tweet the joke to our Twitter feed, @JokesSphere
    * We keep this secret, to stop it being abused.
  4. People in pubs, workplaces and parks around the land see your joke and have a jolly good chuckle, brightening up their day! :-)

Jokes about current affairs and recent goings-on are especially welcome!


So, what are you waiting for?


This site is in beta. Here's a To-do list:

  • Allow jokes to be submitted and inserted into database
  • Add Google captcha to joke submit form
  • Enable character counter on submitting jokes
  • Validate submitted joke length on server-side
  • Add automatic swear filter to jokes
  • Check email address is valid (if user provides one)
  • Check a word-for-word identical joke hasn't been posted in the last 30 days
  • Add JavaScript to enable post button only once boxes ticked
  • Write up house rules
  • Write up terms and conditions
  • Write up privacy policy
  • View submitted jokes
    • By date submitted
    • By author
    • View jokes in random order
    • View jokes that have already been tweeted (read-only)
  • Pagination on jokes page
  • Give positive/negative rating to joke (unless your IP matches)
  • Algorithm to determine action after rating applied
  • Make site look pretty / design logo etc.

See the latest jokes that have been through the ranks and graduated to our Twitter stream:

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